In-home ABA educational therapy

In-home ABA ( Applied Behavioural Analysis) educational therapy

FAST’s first objective was to raise sufficient funds to pay for clinics and therapy programmes in the homes of children with ASD.

There is little government funding available to assist the families of these children to put in place an ABA programme which can address the lifelong issues they face helping their child with life’s challenges.

Our therapists help at home with the children, teaching them essential life skills that we may take for granted.

They help not only with essential daily tasks but also spend one on one time helping these children blossom in all areas of learning.

For these families, having this in home support enables huge leaps in progress to be made.

Ko te huarahi e haere ana te tamaiti ki te haere ki to raatau akewhaainga he ara kaore i a raatau noa. Engari, he ara tapu e mau tonu ana, etiakina ana, e tiakina ana e nga ngakau o te iwi o to ratau kainga katoa. 

The path a child takes towards their own destiny isa path they don’t tread alone. Rather it is a sacred path that is held steady, protected and nurtured by the beating hearts of the people of their whole village.