Work in the Community

We believe that to live in a community that is thriving and brimming with resilience we need to nurture and foster a culture of equality. We are deeply invested in perpetuating a community that invests itself in its children and creates a world where they enjoy equality of experience. So that all the children of our village enjoy a childhood that will enable them to reach for the stars and propel themselves into a bright and optimistic future fulfilling their dreams. This is why we support families in their training and implementing ABA programmes for their children facing challenges.

All our children need to keep moving forward embracing life and its many possibilities. I recently listened to a Maori leader talking to his young people, and he told them they must run towards life’s abundant educational possibilities, and if they couldn’t run, they must walk, if they couldn’t walk they must crawl, and if they could not crawl they must …. Reach out to those who can lift them up. And that is what we do; lift those who are most in need so they too can enjoy a future full of hope and possibilities.
For those who watch a child experiencing learning difficulties be given the tools they need to join a classroom of their peers there is also a gift, the gift of witnessing possibility, hope and acceptance of difference.

Most people fear the unknown but the more diversity of people and cross cultural relationships they experience, the more accepting they become. This will enable them to grow to be adults that are not reduced by a fear of difference, but rather people who express acceptance, inclusion and tolerance as part of their belief system. These are adults who will make our community one that is resilient and connected, a safer, stronger better place to live.